Validation tools

Validation panel

To toggle the validation panel on and off, click the   icon on the right toolbar.

Validation panel gif

You can also toggle on and off the first checkbox to only run the validation tools for the current floor you have selected. This will reduce the time it takes to run the tools.

The tools

Complex polygon

This tool will scan the map for polygon that are not drawn correctly and might cause issues during the viewing of your map.

Complex polygon tool gif
Plan overlaps

This tool will scan the map for overlapping surfaces in order to prevent Z-Fights which occurs when two surfaces with the same extrusion height and a different color are overlapping each other. Z-fights can also occur when two shape with different colors are aligned on one of their sides.

Plan overlap gif

In this example, the grey and blue surfaces have the same height and are overlaping. When previewing the map, we can see a glitching effect on the overlaping part. To fix it, simply change the extrusion height of one of the two styles, or cut the shapes so they do not overlap.

Connected components

This tool allows you to see if all of your routing paths are connected together. In most cases, we recommend having only one component, meaning that all of your routing network is connected. However, in some cases, e.g. if you have multiple buildings on your map that are not connected, it is expected to have more than one routing component. 

Connected POIs

This tool allows you to see if every POIs are connected to your routing network. If a POI is not connected to the network, your users will not be able to be guided to its location.

Overlapping nodes

This tool allows you to check if multiple points are placed on top of one another.

Dangling access

This tool allows you to see if a POI access node is placed far away from the POI surface, image or model.

Test intersection

This tool allows you to check if an intersection node will trigger a specific instruction to the user, based on the angle of the change of direction. To use this tool, you must first select an intersection node.

Route solver

This tool allows you to test a specific route to see what path will be generated between two POIs.