Previewing your map

Build and publish

Before testing your map, you must build a new draft.
To do so, click on the Publish button in the top bar. Then, select the targets for which you want to build the new draft. Then, click on the Build a new draft button.

Build a draft gif

Wait until the loading bar is filled. The dropdown should open for the targets you selected. You will see to section :

  • Draft version : We use this version to preview and test the map with all its functionalities. The associated Hash code will have a dev- prefix.
  • Live version : This is the version that will be live on your application.

If you did not publish your map yet, the live version should be grayed out. You can create a live version by making sure the target is selected and by clicking on the Publish button.

Publishing gif

⚠️ Warning

If you chose to publish your map, all changes will be pushed to the live application. Please test your map on the draft version before committing to any changes.

For web SDK

After building a draft for the web target, you can click on the   icon to preview your map.

Web SDK preview gif

For mobile SDKs

To preview your map on mobiles, first start by downloading our free app.

Appstore Logo Button
Google Play store Logo

Then, launch the app on your device, click the   button and scan the QR code for the mobile SDK.