Drawing tools

Select tool

The select tool allows you to select and move the node of your routing network. Edge can be selected to change the modalities, but they can not be moved.

Routing tool

The routing tool allows you to create new parts of your routing network.
With this tool, enabled, you can choose to toggle on and off two parameters :

  • Auto-connect nodes : will allow you to connect a new node to the last select node
  • Auto-create accesses : will allow you to connect a POI to the closest non access node by only clicking on it.

💡Pro tip

You can toggle on and off these two feature by holding CTRL or Shift respectively.

Display panel

When in the routing tab, you can change the size of the nodes and edges in the display panel.

Display panel gif

There are 5 transition types. None, Elevators in yellow, Escalators in orange, Stairs in green or Unknown in purple which we mostly use for transition between the inside and the outside.