Footprints and points of focus


Footprints are used to set the zoom level of a given view.

To create a footprint, simply use the shape tool you like and use the style "footprint". The larger the footprint surface, the more zoomed out your initial view will be.

You need to have one footprint for the outside layer with the ID "outside" and one footprint per building using the same ID as the building.

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Points of focus (POFs)

Just like footprints define the zoom level, POFs can be use to for a camera rotation when opening your map, a building or interaction with a POI.

You can add a footprint to any identified element. It can be a surface, an icon or a footprint. To add a POF, select an identified element and click on the + icon next to POF.

A black and yellow icon will be displayed. You can then select this icon and rotate it as you wish. The direction in which the arrow points will determine the orientation of the camera when interacting with the element.

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💡Pro tip

Neither the position nor the size of the POF icon will have an impact on your map design.