Types of nodes

Blue nodes

The blue nodes are the basic nodes. They allow you to create change in direction. You can select them and change their type if you want to make them a transition node, or make them an access node by selecting a POI in the dropdown.

You can also create an intersection by checking the box or hitting X. When the intersection box is checked, the node will turn grey and allow the SDKs to provide directional instructions to the user, such as "turn right" or "turn left."

Access nodes

Access nodes allow you to connect a POI to the routing network, so a user can be directed to it. To create an access node, you can either select a blue node and select a POI in the dropdown or you can use the drawing tool and click on a POI to connect it directly to the closest blue node.

Transition nodes

Transition nodes allow you to guide your user between two floors. To create one, start by creating a blue node on the location of your transition. Then, select it using the select tool. When you have selected a node, you can change its type with the multi select button.

Transition nodes gif

There are 5 transition types. None, Elevators in yellow, Escalators in orange, Stairs in green or Unknown in purple which we mostly use for transition between the inside and the outside.

Transitions between two floors

Once you have created your transition node on one floor, you still need to do two things to connect it to another floor.

First, using the Floor transition ID dropdown, use an existing ID to connect this floor to an already exiting transition or create a new one.

Transition between two floors gif

When creating a new Floor transition ID you will be prompted to give it a name (a name will be generated, but you can replace it if you want), a speed and a penalty. Penalties are you to slow a transition down if you want it to exist, but be avoided unless when necessary.

Now you need to create a transition node with the same ID in the other floors. The simplest way to do it is to select your transition node, use CTRL + C yo copy it. Then, select the floor you want to paste it on and, using CTRL + V, paste it. The position and Floor transition ID will be preserved.

transition between two floors 2nd step