Whether at the level of companies or people, energy management has become a top priority for the ecological and financial aspects. Smart buildings are no exception, and building managers need to easily control all tools allowing them to better regulate the building's energy resources.

Indoor maps for a smart energy management

Visioglobe provides a map fully compatible with most of the integrator's sensors used to manage and optimize Smart Buildings assets. Visioglobe solution makes it possible to display all data from the technical management system of the building. Smart Buildings managers are looking for solutions to optimize air conditioning in the office during summer, or in winter for the heating and electricity. Visioglobe maps help them to have easy control over energy in order to save it and better manage their place! Is my room overheated? Take a look and check the color of the room. Green? Temperature is good and energy is well-used. Red?  It would be interesting to reduce the temperature. Visioglobe indoor maps provide everything to customize all preferences for the display of your assets on the map. 

Building management: a top priority for Smart Buildings

Visioglobe and its integrators want to provide a solution to answer current ecological and energy issues. Generally, Visioglobe's solution focus on all assets a building manager needs to care about, including security aspects. The solution suits many use cases such as offices, hospitals, airports or universities. 


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