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How to customize your indoor maps with themes!

Themes are VisioMapEditor features that give a special touch to your indoor maps giving them more context or aesthetics. 

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How to customize your indoor maps with themes!

VisioMapEditor Visioglobe proprietary editing tool, allows you to create very customizable indoor maps for your business. Indeed, you can easily add your personal style and any graphical details you want on your maps. In VisioMapEditor, we are talking about styles. These styles will operate on building geometry, background of your map or even on the overall map. This feature gives you many options to modify as colors or surfaces edition and extrusion height for instance. But Visioglobe allows you to go even further with themes. Ready to create your own themes for the best indoor mapping experience?

What is a theme?

In short, a theme is a group of styles that will allow you to easily give an identity to your map. When you want to change styles or add new 3D models, this will change the theme. The good news is that you are completely free to create the theme you want with colors and request to Visioglobe the 3D models you want. New themes for your business will create loads of opportunities!

What can I use a theme for?

Themes are here to give a special touch to your indoor maps giving them more context or aesthetics
You want to have different seasons on your maps ? No problem, add one theme by season like winter with snow on trees, or Valentine's Day ? this might encourage your mall visitors to come by and buy a gift for a special person for instance.Your company celebrates its 100th anniversary and wants something special on its map? Take the opportunity to add new 3D models or colors for the occasion and make sure map users remember this event ! 
Themes can also be fun, during celebrations such as Halloween or Christmas, you can put a special design for your maps that will create a fancy touch.
Themes are very flexible and it will be possible to come back to your classic theme anytime. Also, they will help you if you want to test several renderings for your maps. 

Final Thoughts

VisioMapEditor allows you loads of features to always improve your maps and give your project the best 3D indoor mapping experience it deserves! 

More information about themes? Contact our experts!