3D interactive Visioglobe indoor maps provide to customers an optimal navigation in malls. Indeed, those maps display dynamically elements as shop labels. Customers can easily have their location and destination by zooming and rotating 3D maps for the best indoor navigation journey. The benefits of mall maps are also based on costs saved and a better building management for staff.


MALLTECH and Visioglobe, a sustainable partnership since 2019

MALLTECH is an important russian real estate company working on the construction of malls and convinced that customers must also take part in the management of shopping centers. Their strategy is based on the behaviour and satisfaction of the customer and try to provide the best journey possible in the building. For this reason, MALLTECH trusted Visioglobe in 2019 to start a partnership with indoor maps in malls. The real estate company understood the needs of the shopping centre customers and staff to create an optimal indoor navigation for them with innovative digital tools. For map creation, Visioglobe provided indoor mapping technology on six large malls easily editable with the product VisioMapEditor. For map visualization, MALLTECH uses web Visioglobe technology in order to integrate indoor maps in web applications and kiosks.

The benefits of indoormaps for malls

Visioglobe indoor mapping solution allows malls to optimize visitor journey and management in their smart building. It improves the customer experience, increases internal efficiencies and boosts the visibility of shops and tenants in malls. MALLTECH chose Visioglobe for a technology easy to integrate into cross-platform applications. Our partnership is focused on the best indoor experience bringing to customers and staff!

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