Computerisation provides more and more functionalities for merchants to pick up customers and bring them services closest to their wishes. This is called the SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) Marketing Approach.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is location-based service that allows you to trigger a marketing action on a target via an application for example. This service can be set up on mobile, tablet or desktop.

You can set up the geofencing service in many environments such as a mall for example.

Benefits of Geofencing

The advantage of geofencing is to send around proximity alerts (for example ads) and / or sensor alerts to the owners of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones).

So geofencing can be used to promote a commercial offer, spread a message or location based alerts depending on whether visitors, find friends, or find a floor that a visitor is currently visiting, measure the throughput and transit time in an area, identify input – output flows of devices and therefore persons.

How does Visioglobe use Geofencing ?

The geomarketing offer is fully incorporated within Visioglobe’s maps. For this reason Visioglobe offers the ‘geofencing’ tool in its VisioMapEditor software!

You can have a look at the tutorial here!