3D models and icons

Quick add

By default, the most commonly used images/icons and 3D models will be available in the drawers.
You can quickly access the libraries for both images/icons and 3D models through the Quick add field.


You can access libraries for both 3D models and images/icons by clicking on the Edit current... button.

Once the libraries dialogue is opened, you can navigate through the different proposed libraries on the left of the window.

You can preview a 3D models or an images/icons by clicking on it. To add it to your current selection, simply click on the Add button and start using it on the drawing canvas.

You can also add multiple 3D models or images/icons at once by clicking on the Select multiple button and choosing which 3D models or an images/icons you want to add to your current selection. When you are happy with your selection, click on the Add button.

💡Pro tip

You can even select multiple models across multiple libraries.


To replace a model or an icon/image, select it with the   tool in the left bar and click on the Replace button. Select the new model or icon/image and click the Replace selected icon button.

💡Pro tip

You can replace multiple 3D models or icons/images at once by selecting multiple 3D models or icons/images and clicking on the Replace button.