Surface styles


Surface styles is the feature that enables you to create and manage the style used for drawing and visualizing your map.

If your map was created by our team or if you went through the onboarding wizard, the surface style should be ready for you. You can always edit them with the Surface styles dialogue window.

A gif to present the surface styles

Style have 3 main characteristics :

Name The name of the style can only contain alphanumerical characters.

Height This value defines the height at which the 3D engine will extrude the surfaces. The higher the value, the higher the height at which the surface will be displayed.

Color This value defines the color of the style.

More on extrusion height

In some design software, the order of the layers in the layer list determines their visibility. The top layer in the list being displayed first. However, in VisioMapEditor, the extrusion height of the surface style determines which layer is visible first when drawing a map. The surface style with the highest extrusion height will be displayed on top, and the other styles will be displayed underneath.