Venue settings

Venue Area


The venue area determines the boundaries of your map. When you set a specific area for your venue, a satellite image projection is created to help you design your map at the correct scale.

You can control the position and opacity of this projection by clicking on the "File" icon on the bottom part of the left toolbar.

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Edit the "Venue area"

To edit your Venue Area, click on the "Cog" icon next to your map's name at the top of the screen, then click on "Venue area".

Venue area gif

From here, you can enter a new address for your venue.

You can also :

  • Resize your venue's area by clicking and holding the top right/left and bottom left handles of the box
  • Rotate it by clicking, holding and dragging the double arrow icons
  • Modify the center of rotation by moving the rotation center icon (in the middle of the box by default)
  • Move the area by clicking, holding and dragging the bottom left handle.
edit venue area gif

Once you are done, simply click "Ok" to validate.
A new satellite image projection will be created and a new Save milestone will be created.

💡 Pro tip

Try to rotate the venue area box to make it aligned with one side of your building. This will save you some time when creating shapes.

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